Seascape Photography

One of my favorite subjects of photography is in fact a subcategory of Landscape Photography. I'm talking about Seascape Photography.

The sea has been written about in numerous novels, poems and songs. The sea has been the subject of countless paintings and art works and since the introduction of the camera, the sea has been the subject of many great professional photographers and amateur photographers alike.

Why a Seascape? The sea is the most powerful force on earth. It is capable of great destruction and great beauty and often both at the same time. The sea is a sustainer of life and capable of extinguishing life equally. Covering more than two thirds of the planet, the sea is not only the most powerful force on earth but the most dominant. The seas great beauty and grace touches everyone's life in one way or another. Its easy to understand why the sea is the subject of so much great art.

The sea, like man, is full of emotion and passion. There is nothing more haunting than an angry swell filled sea with ominous gray skies and wicked white caped waves. Equally there is nothing more peaceful than a tranquil placid sea at sunset with waves gently sweeping a shoreline.

I think the vastness and power of the sea is what makes it intriguing to so many. When the sea is angry, it is a force to be fearful of and respected. When the sea is calm it lies sweetly like a gentle giant.

Although I enjoy seascapes and stories that capture the raw force and power of an ominous ocean, I find myself more partial to a seascape photograph of a calm sea. I most enjoy a Beach Scene of waves gently caressing the shore at sunset or an amazing tropical seascape full of color and life. To me there is nothing on earth more calming and relaxing than a gentle sea kissing the shore of a tropical beach at sunset. That would be my definition of paradise and I probably share that definition of paradise with many people, I think.

I try to spend all my vacation time at the beach but when I can't be near the ocean, I enjoy viewing beautiful Seascape Photography. No matter how hard my day was, when I gaze upon a beautiful Seascape picture, it takes me to a peaceful place and makes everything all right. That's the power of the Sea and a beautiful Seascape Photograph.